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It is amazing to me that there has not been much more uproar over this outright destruction of our 4th Amendment rights. Once again the Christian community remains silent and continues to be of no relevance in the political arena. If the church remains neutral in area of our culture we will eventually have no voice at all. Thank God for stalwarts like Rand Paul.
– Gary Wagner

Rand Paul Mocks Obama’s NSA Speech: ‘If You Like Your Privacy, You Can Keep it’

January 17, 2014 By Matthew Burke
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Sen. Rand Paul responded today to Obama’s NSA speech in which Obama announced plans to reform the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program (emphasis added), which has been unconstitutionally spying on Americans, in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment. Senator Paul, in a statement reiterated that he will continue to fight for his Fourth Amendment Restoration Act as well as his lawsuit against the Obama NSA:

Fox-In-Hen-House“While I am encouraged the President is addressing the NSA spying program because of pressure from Congress and the American people, I am disappointed in the details. The Fourth Amendment requires an individualized warrant based on probable cause before the government can search phone records and e-mails. President Obama’s announced solution to the NSA spying controversy is the same unconstitutional program with a new configuration,” Sen. Paul said. “I intend to continue the fight to restore Americans rights through my Fourth Amendment Restoration Act and my legal challenge against the NSA. The American people should not expect the fox to guard the hen house.”

Paul also mocked Obama’s Obamacare lies (you can keep your policy, doctor, etc.) on Twitter, comparing them with Obama’s new NSA promises.

Posted on Jan 18, 2014

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