12 Reasons Homosexual Marriage Will Wreck the Nation

No comment from me needed. The article says it all. – Pastor Gary 12 Reasons Homosexual Marriage Will Wr...

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8 Areas of Reconstruction

You say you believe in Christian Reconstruction. That’s good. But what are you doing about it? The enemi...

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Christianity And Politics

The Bible address every area of life, education, marriage, economics, war, foreign policy, worship, parenting ...

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America’s Pastors and Dereliction of Duty

Coach Dave Daubenmire is one of the most persevering Christian activists I know and he has hit the nail on the...

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Is Margaret Sanger Alive and well in America?

Pastors and brethren we must all be on the front lines concerning the issue of abortion. There is much blood o...

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May You Live in Interesting Times

May we be faithful in the little things everyday no matter what is going on around us. When evil seems to be t...

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Aborted Babies Used For Fuel In UK Hospitals

This is even beyond my imagination. How is it possible in our day and age, because we have developed cultures ...

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