Women’s Bible Study

Training the backbone of the family

Women's Bible Study
Once every month, the women of RHC meet at a member’s home for a group study and a time of fellowship.

The Light and the Glory

The new women’s study for 2021, The Light and the Glory, is based on a book written by Peter Marshall and David Manuel over 4 decades ago. Their goal then was to offer a portrait of the early American covenant commitment to God by the first Americans and the profound effect this commitment had on the course of America’s history. That message is one that 21st century Christians still need to hear today, that there is hope, because God who is faithful in His commitments to believers blesses sincere repentance and the commitment of faithful men and women. He who called this nation into existence still purposes for us to fulfill our call. The example is there; the first Christians in this land did live for Christ and not themselves. And His grace is still there for each of us to respond in kind.  This study will take us through early American history and review this important part of our spiritual heritage. The study begins at 9:00 am., on the second Saturday of each month at the home of Pastor Gary and Christa Wagner. Please see Jo Loomis for details or if you would like a book for the study.

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