Nouthetic Counseling

Real help from the Word of God

Are you battling depression and wondering why you even bother getting out of bed?

Is your marriage on the rocks or totally shipwrecked, with seemingly no hope of repair?

Are you being conquered by lust or pornography?

Do you have persistent sin in your life that you can’t seem to overcome?

depression1aThere is hope for you to overcome the tribulations of sin in your life! Nothing is impossible with Christ. Through His resurrection and the indwelling of His Spirit, He has empowered His precious children to win victory over anything that hinders their walk with Him.

Nouthetic counseling is simply Biblical counseling. The Bible—God’s holy and infallible Word, the very thoughts of God written down by His prophets and apostles—speaks to depression2aevery area of life and has answers for all of our problems. Christians must never seek counsel from the unbelieving world. We must always seek the wisdom of God’s Word to lead sanctified lives. If you are in Christ, you need not live a joyless life racked by sin!

Please call our office if you need Biblical counseling.

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