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Pastors and brethren we must all be on the front lines concerning the issue of abortion. There is much blood on our land and I personally do not believe we can expect God to bless our country, as long as we sit back comfortably in our churches and homes simply throwing out a prayer every now and then. We must actively be pursuing the destruction of this heinous crime against the unborn.

– Pastor Gary

Is Margaret Sanger Alive and well in America?

Guest Essay by Pastor Ed Martin
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pastor Ed Martin

Ed Martin

Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger’s little baby has grown into a Huge MONSTER that has destroyed the lives of millions upon millions of little boys and girls since this evil woman first brought it to its demonic life. This godless organization has crept into every aspect of all of our lives, many times without us even knowing it.

Americans fund Planned Parenthood through their income taxes. We fund international family planning organizations that are just shadow companies of Planned Parenthood.

Christians buy from companies like New York Times affiliated newspapers, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder, E Bay/Play Pal and sit down to enjoy your nice cup of Starbucks. When you fly on Southwest or Air Train, stay at Hilton affiliated Hotels, go to Disney movies or theme parks or watch the Disney Channel on TV a portion of their fees go to support Planned Parenthood DEATH MARCH FOR THE UNBORN. You can find a full listing of companies that support Planned Parenthood at

But why stop there, wonderful organizations like THE GIRL SCOUTS, YWCA, and Susan B. Komen also are affiliated with Planned Parenthood. The answer to birth defects the March of Dimes tells us is to kill defected babies in the womb. This is another great idea from Planned Parenthood. The American Cancer society also supports PP.

Margaret Sanger’s main idea was also the brain child of Adolph Hitler. Their joint vision was to promote the MASTER RACE. Hitler though by eliminating any one who was inferior to his vision of Blond Haired, blue eyed people would bring about world domination.

Margaret Sanger had the same vision. If we eliminate the black and brown race, Hispanics, the poor and downcast we could also create a master race made up of mainly white middle and rich class.
Hitler exterminated through death camps, Sanger was much smarter than that she used birth control and abortion to reach her goals. History tells us she enlisted Black pastors by paying them to push her murderous ways. I tell you the truth most Christian Americans believe Planned Parenthood is a good organization that provides help for poor people to plan their family.

Sanger’s vision has gone virile in the poor communities. Pastors in these areas are saying the best way to eliminate poverty, gang violence, drugs, murders, and school violence is to abort these children before they are born or to use massive amounts of contraceptives to control these problems. The Destiney Doctrine that I reported on in an earlier newsletter is coming from the top African American pastors and sweeping down to the pastors of small churches. This doctrine says that if you are not able to take care of a child until it’s 18 then you have no business stopping a woman from going into an abortion clinic.


Take a tube of Obama glue, add a tube of Democratic Party glue, mix it with godless judges and godless ministers and you have firm glue that binds.

Obama is the abortion president. He continues to push bills that kill children in the womb at any age. He or Michelle is always the featured speaker at Planned Parenthood and abortion rights dinners.

Obama is the darling of the HLBT crowd (Homosexual, lesbian, transgender and bi-sexual) crowd. At a recent fundraiser for this perverse group Obama kept referring to “we and us” when he referred to the advances he accomplished for the sodomy crowd. He is now pushing sex change operations to be paid for by the federal government. The next agenda of this evil crowd of perverts is TO FORCE CHRISTIAN PRIESTS AND MINISTERS TO PERFORM SAME SEX MARRAGES. Could this happen: they are forcing religious institutions to pay for abortion in Obama health care.

Obama is the anti-Christianity president. He refuses to speak out against persecution of Christians throughout the world and yes right here in the USA. He has taken a strong stand against Christianity in American schools all the while pushing radical Muslim agendas and holidays in America’s schools. He claims to be a Christian but in anything he dos never shows his faith. The only faith he shows is to the Muslim faith. Obama has said repeatedly and with pride that, “AMERICA IS NO LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION.”

Obama has taken up the radical Muslim agenda. He continues to negotiate with terrorists to put America and American forces at risk. He has tried his best to release Muslim Terrorists from Gitmo. He is also working with Iran to fight Muslim terrorists from taking over Iraq. I guess he doesn’t understand that Iran’s agenda has always been to take over Iraq and make it an Iranian state.
Obama is the drug president. He has pushed legalizing drugs in states that strongly oppose legalizing drugs. .

Senate president, Harry Reed and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and their democratic brothers are walking in a lock-step formation, with their right arms raised in a Hitler like salute to Obama.


When Jesus walked the face of the earth 2,000 plus years ago He began a spiritual force that was fueled by the Holy Spirit: THE CHURCH.

The future of America and the world is the Christian Church. The lives of millions of unborn children depend on the church Jesus built in all of it flavors and denominations. The sad state of America and the world and the United States relates back to the very sad state of the church and its leaders. The church is broken and we don’t know how to fix it.

For years I have written about pornography in the church. In the past ten years Christian men looking at porn (including male pastors) has risen from 50% to 68%. More and more Christian women are seeking their spiritual advice from Ophra, Katie and Ellen than from their pastors and the word of God. Polls of Christian young people show that they are more accepting of abortion and homosexuality than in any time of church history.

My friend Charles tells me ( he has better eyesight) that well over half of the cars going into the death camps have “IN GOD WE TRUST” affixed to their license plates.

THE WORDS YOU DARE NOT PREACH IN CHURCH ARE: sin, hell, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, adultery, the devil, man and women living together out of marriage. Even the smaller churches dare not preach on these subjects because they fear their congregations will leave.

More than ever we need Pastors to stand up and fight this evil by leading their people into battle. Pastors are more interested in the money and not in the gospel. Mega church pastors like Joel Osteen refuse to address any evil in the world except the evil of not giving to him.

The pro-life movement is becoming the same. I get e-mail after e-mail telling me that abortion is going to end if you will only send me money. Pro-life group leaders attend meetings once a year on how to raise money. That is why you will get almost the same fund raising letter from many different ministries.


Jesus said if you have enough faith you can say to this mountain move and go into the sea and it will follow your command in Jesus Name and IT WILL MOVE. Abortion is just a mountain of evil and sin. Everywhere we go and teach pure faith we not only see abortion decrease but abortion mills are closing and abortionists are quitting.

In Jacksonville abortionist Kimberly Vanscriver has quit doing abortions and has moved away. A small group of us would go to her OB/GYN office and hold signs showing the aborted babies and telling her clients and her neighbors what she does to make her blood money. Also in Jacksonville a death camp that I believed only God could affect because of its location now has sidewalk counselors standing on private property sidewalk counseling.


Christianity has PRAYER DOWN TO A SCIENCE. Christians ask God to end abortion, but they are not really praying in FAITH that their prayers will work. We need to come out of our prayer closets and let our FAITH become reality. That is where WORKS come in. The Apostle James says that FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. He goes on to say that you show me you’re FAITH and I will show you my WORKS.

A PRAYER without FAITH that God is going to answer our PRAYER is an offense to God. And PRAYER and FAITH without WORKS is also dead. If a family comes up to your door and are hungry and you tell them you will pray for them and send them on their way still hungry you are a hypocrite If you tell them you will pray for them and you have faith that they will soon be filled but refuse to feed them You still are a hypocrites. In short PRAYER WITHOUT FAITH AND WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD.

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

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