Family Bible Studies

Strengthening the most basic building block of society

Every Wednesday, at 7:00 pm, members and guests of Reformed Heritage Church get together for the study of God’s inspired Word. These family Bible studies are normally held at the church, but sometimes in one of our members’ homes.

These wonderful evenings of fellowship and of learning about the majesty of Christ help us to keep our lives focused on Christ throughout the week.

Family Bible StudiesIn addition, we conduct multiple other studies, ranging in duration from a single session to several weeks, and covering a variety of topics, usually on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

Brief descriptions of the Bible studies currently being offered at RHC are listed below. Please contact the church for locations and directions.

Current Family Bible Studies at RHC


The Book of Jeremiah

In our study of the book of Jeremiah, we will see that the Jehovah of the Old Testament is the governor of history. He raises nations up and brings them down according to His plan. He puts kings in office and deposes them from office at His pleasure, and at His will.

The book of Jeremiah is set during an era of Judah’s history not unlike our own, where the church was full of idolatry and apostasy, and the civil government was wicked and antitheistic. God’s judgement was close at hand, but He tried to call His people back one more time, sending the prophet Jeremiah to preach to the nation of Judah. Even in the midst of national apostasy there was still hope and victory promised to those who turned back to God.

Prepare to be educated, challenged, and encouraged by the lessons of Jeremiah.

The Making of Young Christian Warrirs

The Making of Young Christian Wariors

Beginning on Sunday, November 22nd, and every 4th Sunday of the month after that, Pastor Gary will be leading a class for our young adults entitled The Making of Young Christian Warriors. This study will be held in one of the classrooms in the fellowship area and will begin right after worship.

The main topic of this class is what it means to be a Christian Warrior. We will talk about the weapons of warfare, such as prayer, the study of Scripture, worship, fellowship etc. We will talk about the attributes of God and the characteristics of Christians. We will also talk about how a Christian should look at and respond to current events around the world.

We will begin with answering the question, “What does it mean to be a Christian warrior?” Then, we will begin the first section by looking at one of the most important weapons of Christian warfare, namely, prayer. To help us, we will be using a DVD of a lecture by RC Sproul, discussing what prayer is and how we should pray.

The Christian Mind

The Christian Mind

We are currently going through a study by R.C. Sproul, entitled “The Christian Mind.” In that study, R.C. is looking at how our worldview, our epistemology and our philosophical outlook affect us 21st Century Christians, especially how we think with our minds and interact with the unbelieving world around us.

John Jovalusky teaches the class and provides comprehensive notes and interesting supplemental material for those who want to delve more deeply into the topics covered in each session. Learn how important your mind is to having a vibrant and powerful Christian Faith, and how you can discipline it to maximize your effectiveness at spreading the Kingdom of Christ within your sphere of influence.

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